The Book

The End Of A Beginning

A parable concerning love and integrity, infidelity and death, soon afterward devastation the forerunner for a new life. Revolving to show a fable of heart wrenching determination. Rudy, being a man of substance and loyalty. Compassion his poorest tribute. A Story illustrating: For marriage, loyalty and truth are relative but quite sadly not simultaneous. This allegation indicating that conception at times misdirects happiness when commitment is not adhered to. Demented but Laughable, finding infidelity a seedling of joy? With discovery inducing devastation, birthing life after death.


A Beginning After The End

Rudy, a man with a pronounced personality. A gregarious marriage, ( Not ) A non reciprocal relationship causing heart ache and death, Rudy receiving the greater part of undue misery. Getting beyond the hardship and opening the door for a new adventure! Humor a part of the new!